What are you looking for in a recruitment partner?

We don’t guess what you’re after, we ask. Time? Recruitment expertise? Industry connections? Database of candidates experienced in your industry? Knowing how we can make your life easier is what its about. Whatever your reason let’s talk.

Your recruitment success stems from how intrinsically your recruitment partner gets to know you, your business, your team and your company culture. This is where we excel for you – while you’ll likely want your role filled ‘yesterday’ we immerse ourselves in your business and become an advocate for you in finding you suitable candidates.

You can be rest assured that we have robust processes in place that we have refined over years working in the industry. We’re always happy to modify the process to incorporate any specific testing or ‘out of the box’ requests that you may require (yes, we’ve had some weird requests!).

You’ll see we don’t cut corners and work with integrity – if a candidate isn’t a match or we have reservations we’ll discuss them with you. Ultimately, it’s in our best interests that you get the best person for the job!

Your placement comes guaranteed – if a candidate doesn’t work out in the first 90 days, we’ll replace them for you. Thankfully this is a guarantee we’re rarely called on.
That’s just for your peace of mind – Our measure of success is on how long employees placed by us remain in roles and how well they perform over time:

  • 92% of employees placed by Greenlight remain in their roles for more than 12 months and 89% for 2 years or more (up to and including Mar 2019)
  • You’ll continue to hear from us after your employee starts. Your on-boarding process (that we’ll help and support you with) is critical to their long term success and sense of belonging.
  • We have a happiness factor in our office and celebrate every time we hear from our clients that someone we’ve placed has exceeded expectations and taken the role to another level or has secured an internal promotion.

In additional to permanent recruitment we have a dedicated Temp and Contract team to assist in short term staffing solutions, including temp to perm options.

Still not sure? Give us a call and let’s talk.