• Is your receptionist away suddenly for two weeks, your PA is on leave and you have three contracts that have to be finished by the end of the week?
  • Peak season and need some extra hands or forklift operator on deck now?
  • Staff on maternity leave?
  • Need a business savvy experienced person in your industry to come in on a contract basis to set up a new project and get the ball rolling?

These could be some of the scenarios you find yourself in and when you should call Green Light Recruitment who can provide you with temporary relief in the way of a temp or temp staff. Someone who has the same or similar skills in your industry, who can slot in and keep your company process ticking along. Someone who understands and can adapt quickly and works efficiently to solve your problems.

Temporary placement rates are quoted on a payable hourly rate for each hour worked. The hourly rate is based on the skill and requirement level necessary for the role as well as the skill level of our temp staff. The hourly rate covers wages, PAYE, annual holidays, Kiwisaver, ACC levies and bereavement leave as well as the costs associated with the acquisition of temp staff.

Green Light Recruitment also offer services for contract positions. Speak to one of our consultants today about your temporary and contract requirements.